China Curtiss displayed an uncanny knack for melody at an early age. At 18 months, she began whistling before she could speak in full sentences, and by the time she was 7, she was writing her own piano compositions. After a two-year stint at Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music, China ventured out on her own, traveling the world with Youth With A Mission. She finally landed in Denver, CO in 2000, and began teaching music and theater, recording her first album under the production assistance of Isaac Slade. After meeting and marrying her soulmate and musical accomplice, Seth Kent, the couple traveled to England to join Nathan Johnson in the composition and recording for the now cult classic, BRICK. In 2005, the couple moved to Boston to join The Cinematic Underground for a grassroots promotion and national tour of the stage show Annasthesia. While in Boston she acquired a composition gig with director Mark Woollen for his roller-derby documentary, Jam. China was an assistant music supervisor and pianist for the film, The Brothers Bloom. She has played on myriad albums and has moonlighted with the likes of Elin Palmer, Tom Hagerman and Mishkah. China lives in Denver with Seth, her two children, Fender and Harper, and her devoted springer spaniel T-Bow.